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Politicians – wake up!!!! Its time for real business education

In this blog, we have previously supported the need for a change in higher educational policy and curriculum to incorporate a more meaningful business direction, as a means of fulfilling the need to encourage future entrepreneurial growth. It makes economic … Continue reading

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How the heck do I start my university studies????

This is one of the first questions that students will be facing when they finish high school and take their first steps into university life. Suddenly, the students find themselve moving from the disciplined style educational environment to one where … Continue reading

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Labour’s tuition fee reduction – is it really the way forward?

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has confirmed that should they win the next general election student tuition fees will be cut by one third, with the gap being funded by a reduction in tax relief for middle-class pensioners, although there … Continue reading

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Do external proofreading/editing services help or harm student learning?

Over recent years there has been a continuing debate over whether the use of private proofreading and editing services is harmful or beneficial to student learning. Those opposed to these services have suggested that it can be perceived as a … Continue reading

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