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Should universities be applauded for waking up to social diversity?

A recent media report has indicated that Cambridge University is developing a programme to provide the opportunity for students from disadvantaged communities in the UK. The plan is to put such students, many of whom have not achieved the required … Continue reading

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The value of quality proofreading, editing and presentation

It has recently been noticed by the author that even in some of the UK’s highest quality media and new organisations there has appeared errors in terms of grammar, tense, sentence structure and the structure of the content, which is … Continue reading

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Brexit has happened – Don’t panic Mr UK – Arguments and myths examined

Following the outcome of the UK referendum, which confirmed the UK should leave the EU (officially announced around 7pm 24 June 2016), the UK, EU and International media and political observers have, for want of a better phrase, become almost … Continue reading

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A good office manager must have a combination of skills

Asking the question what it takes to be a good office manager will usually provoke a range of varied and often seemingly diverse responses, because most people will have different ideas about the qualities such a position requires. However, an … Continue reading

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Strategies to set your business apart from Competitors

Michael Porter, one of the foremost academics on the subject of competitive strategy, suggests within his various publications that differentiation is one of the most practical ways in which a business can gain advantage over other players in their industry … Continue reading

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Politicians – wake up!!!! Its time for real business education

In this blog, we have previously supported the need for a change in higher educational policy and curriculum to incorporate a more meaningful business direction, as a means of fulfilling the need to encourage future entrepreneurial growth. It makes economic … Continue reading

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Yes – to apprenticeships – No – not my child!

Over the past few decades, the main focus of UK government higher education policy has been focused predominantly on providing a learning path that will lead to career development opportunities in the services and business management sectors. For the service … Continue reading

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Five issues small businesses face in trying to attract and retain Customers

In the majority of economies, the number of small business enterprises considerably outnumbers large and multinational corporations. Although many consumers prefer using these small businesses because of the more personal service they offer they can experience certain frustrations, which might … Continue reading

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The malaise of the banking sector – will they ever learn???

As if we did not hear enough about the causes of the banking failures during the financial crisis of 2008, it seems that still hardly a day goes past without media reports about continuing banking failures and irregularities. These failures … Continue reading

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Understanding the Franchise business model

The dictionary definition for the term franchising varies considerably and, in many cases does not adequately or accurately define the term. For example ‘’ suggest that franchising is “A form of business organization in which a firm which already has … Continue reading

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