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Is healthcare imprisoned in the political dungeon of inequality, discrimination and waste?

Virtually every day media headlines include adverse news about the state of healthcare, and the NHS in the UK is no exception to this rule.  Over the past few weeks, for example, the media have included the following news items: … Continue reading

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How to Unlock Creativity in Your Writing

From the pen of Robert Reeves We humans tend to be creatures of habit. Anyone who writes either as a hobby or for a living will understand what we mean when we say it can be difficult to stop your … Continue reading

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The Folktale of the Pedlar of Swaffham

Originally posted on Under the influence!:
The folktale of the Pedlar of Swaffham tells of how a poor pedlar came to find his fortune by following a dream. The story begins in the historic English market town of Swaffham in…

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A good office manager must have a combination of skills

Asking the question what it takes to be a good office manager will usually provoke a range of varied and often seemingly diverse responses, because most people will have different ideas about the qualities such a position requires. However, an … Continue reading

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Education is in crisis despite the spin doctor rhetoric

Education is one of the most important public sectors as it provides the social foundation for learning, career development and the resources that underpin the public welfare system. As is the case with healthcare, critical to the quality of these … Continue reading

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Incorporating Customer Behavioural Factors into Marketing Strategies

In his book on brand management, David Arnold (1992: 106) stated, “If a brand is developed without reference to the consumer group then the chances of it being successful are reduced “. Several years later, Martin Evans and other authors … Continue reading

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