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Defining the Difference between Marketing and Promotion

In the minds of most people, marketing and promotion tend to be grouped together as part of a business strategy and activity, the ultimate goal of which is to improve the success of the business by increasing sales and, consequently, … Continue reading

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Continuing failings in elderly care in the UK

A recent investigation by the Telegraph has found a serious issue with the level and quality home care being delivered by UK councils to elderly people. The investigation found that “more than half a million “drive-by” visits lasting less than … Continue reading

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SME tips: Reasons to include offline local newspaper/magazine media in your marketing strategy

Small businesses in the UK are still suffering from the lingering effects of the recent economic recession. For many, this has resulted in a reduction of revenue and a lack of sufficiency of capital to be able to develop a … Continue reading

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Five issues small businesses face in trying to attract and retain Customers

In the majority of economies, the number of small business enterprises considerably outnumbers large and multinational corporations. Although many consumers prefer using these small businesses because of the more personal service they offer they can experience certain frustrations, which might … Continue reading

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How the heck do I start my university studies????

This is one of the first questions that students will be facing when they finish high school and take their first steps into university life. Suddenly, the students find themselve moving from the disciplined style educational environment to one where … Continue reading

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Flouting the minimum wage – the risk to care for the elderly

In October 2014, the UK government raised the minimum wage for workers over 21 to £6.50 per hour, irrespective of the sector they worked in. Although it has been argued that this is still well below the recommended living wage … Continue reading

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