Politicians – wake up!!!! Its time for real business education

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© The Guardian

In this blog, we have previously supported the need for a change in higher educational policy and curriculum to incorporate a more meaningful business direction, as a means of fulfilling the need to encourage future entrepreneurial growth. It makes economic and educational sense. Now this call has been made public by Peter Jones, a Stalwart of the BBC ‘Dragon’s Den’ programme, which provides venture funding opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.

In particular, Peter Jones is focusing his argument on the seemingly reluctant stance of the government to include enterprise education as an integral part of higher education. shutterstock_146210888Teaching students about enterprise and business is important. After all, it is apparent that the main objective of students entering higher education is to provide them with an educational foundation with which they can build a career in business, with many having aspirations to develop into business managers and leaders. They are unlikely to achieve this objective unless they have developed the appropriate entrepreneurial skills and competences. If future business managers an leaders do not have a real understanding of enterprise, the UK risks building second class corporations rather than world leaders in enterprise.

The need for enterprise education is apparent

shutterstock_191240930The need for enterprise is not simply in the mind of a successful UK entrepreneur either. Peter Jones has not only built his own multi-million pound business but, to prove his point, also set up his own enterprise education initiative, ‘Tycoon in Schools, which challenges students to create a business’. Since its introduction in 2012, this initiative has reached in excess of 250,000 students, and has received the support of educators in many of the countries schools and universities. The response to the programme confirms that there is a student hunger for enterprise education, yet it appears from the comments made by Peter Jones that this call for change is being ignored by politicians and higher education policy makers.

Re&d2It is surely time for politicians and policy makers to dust off the cobwebs from their old policies libraries, clean the grime from the windows of their mind and bring higher education in the UK into the 21st century. Building world-class businesses in the future requires enterprise education to be a foundation of business studies.

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