How the heck do I start my university studies????

shutterstock_131629634This is one of the first questions that students will be facing when they finish high school and take their first steps into university life. Suddenly, the students find themselve moving from the disciplined style educational environment to one where they they will have to take considerably more responsibility for developing their own routine and approach to study.

The problem, as identified in an article in the Brock Press is that for many students high school  “doesn’t provide you with the important skills to succeed when you get there. You have not been taught how to properly research, how to cite your sources the right way, how to get through your readings, or plan your agenda“. shutterstock_214665313Many new university students will therefore stuggle to find ways to structure essays and dissertations, how to develop an appropriate title and then find their way around the thorny issue of conducting the necessary depth of research required to complete these elements of their coursework. With a myriad of research options available, sometimes it must feel like trying to find their way through an endless maze.

How tutoring and mentoring from Re&d can help

It is during these difficult research and study times for students that we at Re&d can help by providing tutoring and mentoring support. We will NEVER ‘custom write’ your essay, because you will not learn from this approach. shutterstock_129915356However, for a small fee we can provide you with quality examples of model essays/dissertations, which will help to point you in the right direction. We can also provide proofreading services that will help to explain issues that might arise during your coursework and point out areas where you may need to reconsider aspects of your work. Effectively, therefore, we will be pleased to act as your online mentor and guide as you progress through your university journey.

The following are three free examples of our model essays, with more essays covering these and other study areas, as well as information about our other services being available on our Re&d website. The three samples can be directly accessed by a simple click here and making your selection.

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