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What’s wrong with the current university inspectorate process?

In October 2014, the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFC) began a consultation process that as the first stage of its strategy to invite bids from organisations to take over the role of the quality assurance inspectorate for universities in England. … Continue reading

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Understanding the role of the brand marketer

Before considering the role of a brand manager, it is perhaps important to understand the meaning of the term brand as it occurs in the business environment. and how it is used to encourage consumers to purchase goods or services … Continue reading

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Strategies to set your business apart from Competitors

Michael Porter, one of the foremost academics on the subject of competitive strategy, suggests within his various publications that differentiation is one of the most practical ways in which a business can gain advantage over other players in their industry … Continue reading

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Politicians – wake up!!!! Its time for real business education

In this blog, we have previously supported the need for a change in higher educational policy and curriculum to incorporate a more meaningful business direction, as a means of fulfilling the need to encourage future entrepreneurial growth. It makes economic … Continue reading

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Taking school discipline in a UK primary school to a MUCH higher level!

Among all the debates and arguments surrounding education, it is not often that one comes across a report on the subject that makes you cringe in disbelief, but a news report from the BBC on the 13th March succeeded in … Continue reading

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Five Top Issues Small Businesses have to Contend with when trying to Attract and keep Customers

In the majority of economies, the number of small business enterprises considerably outnumbers large and multinational corporations. Although many consumers prefer using these small businesses because of the more personal service they offer they can experience certain frustrations, which might … Continue reading

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Can a BIG MAC really influence parent’s choice of school for children?

A 400 year old private school in Monmouth is reported to be objecting to a shopping centre, which will include a McDonalds, being built “near their Agincourt pre-prep school for three to seven-year-olds – whose families pay £2,265 per term“. … Continue reading

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Re&d – Providers of content articles for websites & Blogs

Research has shown that the promotional value of any website and blog is greatly enhanced by the quality of its content. Good content captures the attention of the reader and encourages them to want to find out more about a … Continue reading

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Yes – to apprenticeships – No – not my child!

Over the past few decades, the main focus of UK government higher education policy has been focused predominantly on providing a learning path that will lead to career development opportunities in the services and business management sectors. For the service … Continue reading

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Graduate targeting by top employers – is it fair?

According to a report in the Telegraph (4 March 2015), the prospect for graduates securing a career with top UK firms is brighter in 2015 than it has been for a decade. This may sound like good news for the … Continue reading

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