A Review of Business Week Magazine

Business Week is a magazine that reports upon topical corporate and commercial issues and, in addition, the effect the economic and political environment has upon businesses across a range of industries. There are many regular sections within the magazines, all devoted to a particular topic such as commerce in a specific geographical area of the world, technology and innovation.

Financial issues and the financial markets is a regular subject covered by Business Week, where it provides details of stock market indices movement and the same for some of the top shares. Similarly, as Business Week is a regular publication it always contains the latest headlines in terms of takeovers, new products and corporate performance. In addition, there is often a special investigative report on an issue that has caught the world’s headlines. For example, the 2008 attempted takeover of Yahoo by Microsoft featured prominently on the pages of this magazine, with in-depth analysis of varying expert views and opinions relating to this event. Less prominent in Business Week, although still given coverage are sections relating to business management, business schools, small business issues and lifestyle events.

The writing style of Business Week is easy for the reader to understand and, what is evident within their reporting is that the magazine is not afraid to take a hard line over important issues. For example, it is not afraid to criticise corporations or economic advisors who, in the editorial view, do not perform financially or ethically in the manner that the magazine considers appropriate.

Of course, one of the drawbacks of the magazines reporting on financial, economic and corporate issues is related to the fact that it is a weekly publication. This means that, particularly in terms of its financial information, the figures and charts tend to be of much less use than those contained within the financial pages of the daily business papers. The other point to also mention here is that some of the corporate stories have been reported upon on a daily basis before the Business Week hits the magazine stands. Therefore, unless the magazine has something new to offer on the subject, often it can appear to be simply re-hashing previous reports, which can devalue its content.

From the author’s view, the other criticism of this magazine is its concentration upon the larger business. Although the small and medium enterprises do receive some coverage, the style of this tends to suggest that, from an editorial viewpoint, it is more of an afterthought than a committed attempt to report positively on this sector of the market. Similarly, much of the small business reporting tends to be of a learning style rather than a serious attempt to address the issues that affect the smaller business and how this situation might influence the larger corporations within the economy.

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  1. Yes, I find it simplifies explanations of business concepts for readers, which is helpful. Good analysis here.

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