Linking Kindle books to charities

Working with the author, Paul Lines, Re&d is pleased to announce that from now until the end of 2015, 10% of the royalties received from his Kindle novels, Turn off the Red Light, Behind the Mona Lisa Smiled and Old Accountants Never Die, will be donated to two worthwhile charities these being Rainbows Hospice (Loughborough, UK) and Last Mile Health (Liberia, Africa).

The Charities

Rainbows Hospice. Rainbows is the only hospice in East Midlands (UK) dedicated to providing help and support for children with life limiting conditions, and their parents. Their vision is to make it a happy place where children can laugh and play and, above all “make every second count”.

Last Mile Health (LMH). LMH is building a health system that reaches everyone by bringing health care directly to villagers’ doorsteps in remote places devastated by disease. LMH trains, equips and supervises community members to be health practitioners for their villages and then connects them with rural health clinics to offer every person access to the care they deserve. LMH has also recently partnered with Partners in Health (PIH) to integrate a package of Ebola treatment and hospital strengthening efforts to help combat this life threatening condition in Africa.

The Kindle Novels

Turn off the Red Light is the story of one man’s difficult and dangerous fight against the odds to destroy the criminal syndicate that was responsible for the death of his only daughter. The journey sees Peter Knowles pitting his wits in the UK and Europe against people determined to makes sure that he fails, even if that means ending his life, people who somehow seem to be aware of every move he makes. Will Knowles survive and succeed? Only by joining him on this journey will the answer unfold. (10% of royalties will be donated to Last Mile Health).

Behind the Mona Lisa Smiled – Lisa Trethewan, jailed for a crime she did not commit, on being released sets out to seek the man who set her up. Enlisting the help of the one friend who believed her innocence, John Wilkins, Lisa is determined to destroy Franklin (aka Holdsworthy), the man she holds responsible for her incarceration. Franklin is equally committed to thwarting Lisa’s plans and has powerful resources that he can use to stop her. Can Lisa and John win their fight against the odds? Only time will tell. (10% of royalties will be donated to Rainbows Hospice).

Old Accountants Never Die – a touching story of betrayal, love, revenge and tragedy. Accountant John Landen’s depression over the problems and challenges facing his business practice turns to shock and anger when he finds himself betrayed by his largest client. First the client steal’s Landen’s wife, then the client tries to destroy Landen’s business, using an employee to aid this objective. Landen want’s payback, but how this can be achieved he does not know. With the help of two friends and his new lover, the answer becomes clear and a journey of revenge can begin. Yet, a dark life-threatening shadow cast doubt over the outcome of Landen’s plans. Will he succeed in his quest before tragedy strikes? Find out more… (10% of royalties will donated and equally split between Last Mile Health and Rainbows Hospice).

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback on this events and the novels.

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