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Linking Kindle books to charities

Working with the author, Paul Lines, Re&d is pleased to announce that from now until the end of 2015, 10% of the royalties received from his Kindle novels, Turn off the Red Light, Behind the Mona Lisa Smiled and Old … Continue reading

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Challenges faced by SMEs when raising external capital investment for international expansion

Although SMEs make an important contribution to the growth of the UK economy, this is mainly derived from their activities in the domestic market place. In contrast, it could be argued that a reasonable percentage of the economic contribution made … Continue reading

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Call for an end to unpaid internships

The debate According to a report by an education charity trust, it has been suggested that unpaid internship for students “favour the rich” According to the trust, a six-month internship can cost the student up to £5,557, when their … Continue reading

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George Osborne claims to have halved the EUs £1.7bn UK surcharge

In recent media reports, the chancellor George Osborne claims to have halved £1.7bn surcharge recently imposed on the UK by the EU However, further investigation reveals that this is a total misrepresentation of the facts of the agreement that … Continue reading

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